National Chi Alpha Leadership

Executive Ministry Team (EMT)

The National Director and the Executive Ministry Team exist to provide the Chi Alpha Movement with Apostolic, Prophetic, Administrative, and Bureaucratic leadership and direct the National Program.

E. Scott Martin, National Director

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  • Lived in Kyrgyzstan
  • Favorite Quote: "We're Going Global, Baby!"
  • Loves the University of Arizona Wildcats!
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Nathan Cole, Operations Director

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Harvey Herman, Program Director

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Bob Marks, Missionary Personnel Director

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  • Hometown: Alton, Illinois
  • Lived in France and can be caught listening to French music
  • Loves horses and dogs

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Crystal Martin, XA internationals Director

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  • Speaker, missionary, mentor, and wife
  • Loves drinking tea with internationals
  • Lives on a small ranch!
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Craig Woodham, Expeditions Director

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Area Leadership

Mike Amiot - Great Plains Area Representative


Daniel Miller - Big Sky Area Representative


Stefanie Chappell - Northeast Area Representative

Jeremy Anderson - West Coast Area Representative

Jeff Alexander - Great Lakes Area Director


Mario Solari - Southeast Area Representative


Eric Treuil - South Central Area Representative



Dan Guenther - Pacific Northwest Area Representative


National Field Specialists

Paul Austin - Pioneering Director

Gregg Glutting - Support Raising Specialist

Belkis Lehmann - Diversity Specialist

Severin Lwali - International Student Specialist

Mike Olejarz - Training Specialist

Gary Paschal - Conference and Event Specialist

Dick and Joy Schroeder - Leadership Development Specialists

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