Going to College Strategy # 2
Dream Big

In the movies, college life is all nerds versus frats, crazy parties and amazing romances. You never see movie stars studying. There is no doubt that you will have a lot of fun but the truth is that the non-Hollywood version of college life is full of less-than-riveting lectures and laboratories. The endurance needed to get your degree can be too much for individuals that are easily bored.

No worries, there is a remedy for those of us with a touch of Attention Deficit Disorder. Simply fuel your learning with big dreams. If you know why you’re doing something and your “why” is a big one, even the most tedious tasks become exercises in passion.

College is the ideal time to discover what you were born to do with your life. Experiment with your different roles. Ask a trusted mentor to help you evaluate your gifts. Ask God to give you a new and creative idea that will help you serve your campus, your friends and this world.

For instance, start a study group for struggling students or sponsor a late-night poetry and philosophical roundtable to challenge students. Join a Christian group and set up the campus fellowship’s sound system each week. Become a small-group leader in that fellowship. Innovate. Do and be something great. If you do, you will never regret your time
on campus.

Bottom line: Successful students are passionate about a vision that is bigger than themselves and serves both God and other people.


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