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  • Shallow V-Neck Tee

    Unisex shallow V-neck tees, featuring “chi alpha>>” design on front, circle logo on back. Various colors/sizes available.
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  • Crew Neck Tee

    Deep V-Neck
    Unisex crew neck tees, featuring “chi alpha>>” design on front, circle logo on back. Various colors/styles available.
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  • Medallion Mug

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  • 32. oz Water Bottle


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  • Deep V-Neck Tee

    Deep V-Neck
    Unisex deep V-neck tees, featuring “chi alpha>>” design on front, circle logo on back.  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
    View Styles$10.00 Clearance

  • Ergo Bistro Mug


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  • Water Gun


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  • Sport Bags

    Sport Bag Buy Now  $5.00
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  • Literature Bag


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  • Computer Bag


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  • Note Cards


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  • Self Inking Stamp


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  • Logo Sticker


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  • Why Reach the Campus Brochure

    Why Reach the Campus?
    Contains a brief overview of Chi Alpha and a clear presentation of why reaching college students with the Gospel is so vital.
    Order Now   FREE

  • Where to Find Us Brochure

    Gives a brief overview of what Chi Alpha is and a list of what campuses we are located on, sorted by state.
    Order Now   FREE

  • Student Brochure

    This brochure introduces students to Chi Alpha and invites them to be a part. (Great for handing out on campus)
    Order Now  FREE
  • Going to College: Ten Strategies

    Going to College
    This booklet by Curt Harlow is a great tool for any high school junior or senior.
    Order NowFREE (Under 50)
    Download Now

  • Connecting - A Practical Help for Launching College Ministry

    "A How To Guide” for a establishing a campus ministry at a local college or university.
    Order NowFREE (Under 25)
    Download Now

  • Building Community on Campus

    Building Community Image
    This booklet discusses how to build an effective campus ministry on the college campus. Paper. 23 pages.
    Order Now  FREE (Under 25)
    Download Now

  • Chi Alpha Leadership and the Local Church

    Booklet outlines four models of the Chi Alpha personnel-local church relationship. Paper. 23 pages.
    Order NowFREE (Under 25)
    Download Now

  • Expeditions Magazine

    Read missions stories from other Chi Alphans and find your short- or long-term opportunity to give a year and pray about a lifetime.
    Download Now
  • Spirit Life

    Learn about being led by the Spirit and how a group can move with order and freshness into the realm of spiritual gift expression.
    Order Now  $15.00
  • ISF: How to Develop and Maintain a Friendship Partner Program

    This notebook provides a step-by- step approach of how to create a local friendship ministry which connects international students to Christians who simply want to develop a cross-cultural friendship.
    Order Now  $20.00
  • Crossing Cultures Here and Now

    DNA of ISFM
    Lisa Espineli Chinn shares foundational attitudes and practical steps on developing friendships with international students.
    Order Now  FREE (Under 25)
  • Springboard

    This eight-lesson study will prepare your college seniors for the transition from college to the workplace. Includes facilitator and reproducible student handbooks plus DVD.
    Order Now  $40.00
  • One More Friend DVD

    DNA of ISFM
    This video explores the life of a 'normal' college student and one of an international student.
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  • Touch the World DVD

    This 4 minute video demonstrates the strategic nature of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries as we reach the nations of the world represented on our campuses in America.
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    Download Now
  • Steel Tumbler

    Steel Tumbler

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  • Joe Z Menternship Mug


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    (Suggested Donation)

  • XAi Mug


    Buy Now  $10.00

  • XAi Water Bottle


    Buy Now  $0.01 + Shipping 
    Chi Alpha groups can welcome international students to America by giving them this XAi water bottle, which can be stuffed with goodies.