XA Network

What is the XA Network?

XAN Vision: The Chi Alpha Network (XAN) sees the Kingdom of God growing unabated within a post/pre-Christian American culture as Chi Alpha graduates are networked, equipped, and mobilized to transform the marketplace and the world.

XAN Mission: The Chi Alpha Network (XAN) sees our vision realized as we relationally and socially connect and network the thousands of Chi Alpha graduates, effectively train and resource them for leadership, and mobilize them as Spirit-filled marketplace “missionaries” and church planters.


Three Key Components of the XAN:

1 XA Networking Community


  • Developing and sustaining an XA graduate/alumni database for the purpose of more strategic mobilization and resourcing
  • Developing and sustaining an “XA Social Networking Community” that enables connectivity in a variety of areas: vocational, educational, geographical, missional, etc.
  • Strategic partnerships and relationships in the marketplace
  • Leadership networking for exchange/sharing of ideas/resources, etc.
  • XA Network website offering multi-faceted network components that are relevant and user friendly


2 Training and Development


  • XA Church Planters Training Modules and Boot Camps
  • Missional Marketplace training, resources, conferences, etc.
  • Theological/Leadership training and resources
  • Internship opportunities
  • Web based training tools and resources via XA Network website
  • Consultation and Assessment services and resources for established churches/pastors regarding how they can more effectively reach, raise, resource, and release the next generation of emerging adults
  • Business development


3 XA Church Planting “Network”


  • Planting “University XA” churches in strategic locations
  • Transitioning existing XA campus groups, where applicable, to become a “church community”
  • Mobilizing XA students/graduates/alumni for planting “Antioch” churches (“Hub” churches where XA grads can be further trained, intern, and be sent to plant churches)
  • Mobilizing XA students/graduates/alumni with existing church planting projects that may already exist in Districts and other church plant networks; as well as synergize efforts with the Church Multiplication Network in areas of mutual vision and mission
  • Mobilizing XA students/graduates/alumni with partnering churches in strategic locations (college/university “towns”)
  • Identify, invest in, and intern potential church planters from among existing XA Groups
  • Café and other “types” of marketplace church plants


                   Get connected today! Visit XANetwork.org

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