Chi Alpha is committed to starting a ministry at the 106 HBCUs. We already know what makes for a successful launch: the right leader, a strong team, good placement, training, and coaching. Thus, Paul Austin is putting together an HBCU Pioneering Camp for us.
The Boot Camp will be in Winston Salem from April 25-27. We will start at 3PM on the 25th and end at 5PM on the 27th. We are trying to get host housing to keep costs low. There is no cost to register online. On site registration will be $50 to cover food and museum entry.
If you are currently on an HBCU or plan on starting a ministry in the next year, it’s vital you attend this Boot Camp or send those who will be working on them. If you have a team going to an HBCU, all the team members should attend the camp.
Please do not hesitate to contact Paul or me if you have any questions. And feel free to share this email with anyone else you think might be interested.

Pioneering Boot Camp Plus

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